Aaniiih Nakoda College Newsletter
Winter 2017
December 2017
Article by LaVerne Parker, RN, MSN

Second year ASN students, Kaye Brown and Penny Hawley,
arrive for clinical rotation

The ANC nursing students have been busy with their clinical rotations. The didactic portions of many of their nursing classes were block scheduled in order to schedule the clinical rotations during the later portion of the semester. The second year nursing students who will complete the ASN Nursing Program in the spring semester are Penny Hawley, Kaye Brown and Diana First Raised. These students had their mental health psych clinical in Lewistown in October and their maternal child clinical at Northern Montana Hospital in Havre to complete their 120 clinical hours. We are very excited to have such a great group of first year students; they are Mylene Snow, Alyssa Horn, Laurencia Chandler and Cody Houle. They have been very enthusiastic and such hard workers. They will be completing their geriatric clinical at Sweet Memorial Nursing Care Home. They also accompanied the Public Health Nurses from Fort Belknap Tribal Health on home visits, foot clinics, and a flu shot clinic to complete their 45 clinical hours.

One of the objectives of the "Grow Our Own" program is to incorporate the Aaniiih and Nakoda cultures into the program. We have done this by inviting community elders to speak to the students about traditional Aaniiih and Nakoda lifeways. We are grateful to the elders who have agreed to share their knowledge with the students. We want to thank Anita Moore, John Allen, Cheryl Morales, and Dawn Oleyte for spending time with us.

The ANC nursing program has partnered with the Northwest Area Foundation and the State of Montana to provide Nurse Assistant and Competency Evaluation Training twice a year. Partnerships were developed with Sweet Memorial Nursing Care Home, New Horizons, Harlem Public School, Dodson Public School, Hays Public School, Timber Creek Lodge, and Fort Belknap Tribal Health to set up 5 apprenticeship positions. Our partners will select one or two of those individuals being trained to complete an apprenticeship of 1,000 hours at their facility. In 2017 eleven individuals from the Fort Belknap community have been trained as Certified Nursing Assistants. It is hoped that this group of trainees will decide to apply for the ANC Associate of Science in Nursing program once they get experience in a healthcare setting. Upper level high school students will also be recruited to be trained as certified nursing assistants.

During this time of the year when we give thanks for our blessings, we need to recognize the wonderful nursing faculty members who go above and beyond to give the students a great nursing experience. Our faculty members are Billie Jo Brown, RN; Jennifer Show, DNP; Raeanne Wall, RN; Brigit Hemmer, RN, MSN and Valerie Ridgeway, RN, MSN. We are also grateful for Marcie Brockie-Fowler, Nursing Program Assistant, who has been busy coordinating the apprenticeship program which is funded through the State of Montana. She does so many things to support and keep our program going in the right direction. We are also grateful to our clinical partners who open up their facilities to give our nursing students an opportunity to practice nursing skills they have learned in their clinical lab. Last, but certainly not least, we are thankful to Dr. Liz McClain who is our cheerleader and volunteer for anything we need her for. She is always providing snacks for our nursing students and is their biggest cheerleader and supporter.

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