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All professional staff members at Aaniiih Nakoda College are dedicated to providing a successful academic experience for every student.
About the Career Center For more information, contact: Registrar (406) 353-2607

Aaniiih Nakoda College provides a career center in an attempt to provide any needed career assistance to the individual student.

Academic progress is monitored and early intervention is attempted when a problem or problems arises.
The non-traditional student is given special encouragement and assistance to transfer to a four-year institution.
Career information, achievement, interest and aptitude testing are also available.
Tutorial assistance is provided for those who need and request it through the Learning Center.

Services Available
1) Sources of occupational information and aid for making a choice of vocational areas;
2) Assistance to students so they can understand themselves in relation to their problems;
3) Aid in determining aptitudes for jobs upon graduation or training termination;
4) Assistance to students with completion of admission and financial aid forms.
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