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Kim Barrows
Registrar / Admissions Officer
Nakoda Hall
Telephone: (406) 353 -2607   extension 3907

Required Admission Material for All Students  |  New Students  | Transfer Students

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Admission Application
Declaration of Major Form
Immunization Record Form
Withdrawal Form

  • Admission Application
  • Declaration of Major Form
  • $10 Admission Application Fee
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Official HiSet/GED Transcript
  • Certificate of MMR Immunization
  • Tuberculosis Test Results
  • TABE Placement Test
  • Official College Transcript(s)
  • Native American Enrollment (when applicable)
  • Financial Aid - FAFSA (Please contact Toma (406-353-3908) or Elias (406-353-3909) in ANC the Financial Aid Office to set up an appointment for assistance.)

Official Acceptance - All forms may be obtained at the Registrar/Admissions Officer/Admissions Office. Official acceptance will be issued when all the above forms have been received. Any student who has declared a major, regardless of credit load, must follow the complete admission procedures.

Immunization Requirements--All applicants born before January 1, 1957, are required to provide proof of immunization against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). A PPD (tuberculosis) test with negative results within the last five years must be documented. Positive PPD testers will be required to receive an x-ray to eliminate contagious factors. A student with contagious airborne (active TB) communicable disease will not be admitted for attendance.

Admission Check List

New Students - A student who has earned a diploma from an accredited high school or has earned a General Education Development (GED) certificate may apply for admission.
   All incoming students who have never attended a college or university shall be required to complete the COMPASS Test prior to acceptance.

Transfer Students - Students who have earned 30+ college level credits will be exempt from the COMPASS. Reasonable accommodations are provided for persons with disabilities.

Pre-GED - An individual who has not earned a high school diploma or earned a GED may be admitted as a Pre-GED student.
   Pre-GED students must follow the regular admission process.
   A Pre-GED student may register for developmental studies (sub-100 courses) only, with the tuition and fees waived. The purpose of the Pre-GED acceptance is to assist the student with preparation for the GED exam at an approved GED testing site.
    Aaniiih Nakoda College is not a certified test site and offers the developmental studies courses as an incentive for these students to achieve their GED.

Workshop Participants - Workshop and seminar participants will be required to complete the appropriate forms for the scheduled event. Any fees and payments will be assessed and received prior to the event.

COMPASS Test (COMPASS) and Developmental Studies--The COMPASS is an instrument used to measure the level of education of an individual and used solely for placement purposes. A new student who has never attended a college or university, or a transfer student who has not earned 30+ college level credits must complete all three sections of the COMPASS prior to acceptance.

Records - The Registrar/Admissions Office is located in Nakota Hall. Admission records, permanent transcripts, and academic tracking and advising forms are maintained by the Registrar/Admissions Office. Student statistical data is required for reporting purposes. Personal student data revisions, i.e., address change, change of major, change of advisor, must be reported to the Registrar/Admission Office.
   The release of grades and transcripts and other student data requires written authorization by the student (no phone requests accepted). Transcript requests are honored within seven working days unless there is a hold placed upon a student's files. Cost for transcripts is $5.00 each.
   A student may request any or all information remain confidential and must inform the Registrar/Admission Office in writing.

Information Release Policy Checklist - For more information contact Dixie Brockie - Registrar / Admission Officer.


Registration procedures are posted in all College buildings at the beginning of each semester. The current College catalog lists the exact dates.
To register: a student must have completed admissions forms and supply a copy of their financial aid (FAF) application or current Student aid Report (SAR) to the Financial Aid Officer to be eligible to charge tuition, books and fees.
    A student who does not have these forms on file in the Financial Aid Office will pay 50% of the total tuition and fees upon registration with the remaining balance due in 60 days. A student who is not receiving federal student aid is responsible for purchasing her/his own books and supplies.

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