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Student Support Services Project application

Fillable pdf form: You may print, fill out and return by hand,
or fill out online, save and email to Ramona Horn.

SSS Needs Assessment Form

For more information, contact:
Ramona Horn, SSSP Director
(406) 353-3937

  What is Student Support Services Project?

The ANC Student Support Services Project has been funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Student Support Services Project is designed to assist in preparing qualifying students for college. This project will be an integral part in retaining, graduating, and transferring low-income, first-generation, and/or disabled students at ANC.

   Who qualifies for Student Support Services Project?

Federal regulations require we serve students who:

  • meet federal "low income" family guidelines.
  • and/or students who are from families where neither the father nor the mother has earned a college bachelor's degree prior to the student's 18th birthday.
  • and/or a student who has a documented disability.
  • and/or student who has an academic need.
  * Student must complete a SSS Project Application.

  What is having a "Need" for Student Support Services Project services?

Student Support Services Project students must have a need for Student Support Services Project services. Potential college bound students need support to successfully pursue a program of education beyond high school. A "Need" for the Student Support Services Project must be identified for each student. Some of the types of need are: 1) Low-Income, 2) Has a disability 3) Has an academic need, 4) Lack of access to or support from those who can provide information, insight, and advice concerning preparation for post-secondary education.

  What Services does Student Support Services Project provide students?

Services include supplemental instruction, intrusive academic advising, peer and professional tutoring, holistic counseling, financial literacy education, assistance completing financial aid applications, information-sharing about Federal student aid programs and benefits, career pathways exploration, transfer assistance, and cultural enrichment to increase participants' chances of persisting in their academic programs, graduating from the institution, and transferring to a four-year university to pursue a baccalaureate degree.

  How much does it cost to receive Student Support Services Project services?

All Student Support Services Project's services are provided free of charge to all selected students. Tutoring, College visits, Cultural activities are covered by the Student Support Services Project.

  Are there any additionally requirements to participate in Student Support Services Project?

Additionally, the ANC Student Support Services Project selects students who are sincerely interested in going to college to complete a two-year degree at ANC and continuing to obtain a bachelor's degree and could benefit from the Student Support Services Project experience.

  Who do I contact for more information and a student application?

The ANC Student Support Services Project office is located at Nakoda Hall. Ramona Horn, Director will be available to answer questions and assist however possible. Our mailing address: ANC Student Support Services Project, PO Box 159 Harlem, MT 59526. Email Address: rhorn@ancollege.edu, telephone number 353-3937. You are encouraged to give us a call at 353-3937 during business hours. We will be happy to answer all your questions. Thank you!

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