Aaniiih Nakoda College Newsletter
Winter 2017

Aaniiih Nakoda College's mission is to provide quality post-secondary education. "Quality" is the key focus when considering new staff and faculty. ANC is excited to announce multiple hires to add to the bounty of knowledge and experience of the administration and faculty.

Joe Patrick Wertz, Network/eLearning Specialist, Billie Jo Brown, Nurse Education Instructor, LaVerne Parker, Nurse Education Coordinator, Marcie Brockie-Fowler, Nursing Program Manager, Chelsea Morales, Allied Health/Health Science Instructor, Cheryl Morales, USDA Extension 4-H Coordinator, Joy Dahlberg, Human Services/Psychology Instructor, and Dennis Johnson, Computer Information/Computer Science Instructor, began their duties in late summer and Fall Semester 2016. Kimberly Barrows, Success Center Coordinator/HiSet Instructor, Ashley Kennedy, NACTEP Assistant, and Rebecca Bishop-Goss, ANC Library Assistant, were hired later this fall.

"The ANC board and the administration work diligently to seek out the most qualified people to provide our students with the best educational environment possible. In the past some of our staff have retired, moved onward to different employment and life opportunities. We are always sad to see them leave us, but like the circle of the lifeway, new people come to our college to add to the fire of knowledge, keeping the flames of education and opportunity bright for all to use," President Carole Falcon-Chandler stated.

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