Aaniiih Nakoda College Newsletter
Summer 2015

Color Me 5K participants at the starting line
The first annual "Don't be Oblivious, Be Aware" Color Me 5k Run was a blast for all who participated. The Embrey Native American Women's Leadership scholarship recipients, Charmayne Healy, Michelle LoneBear, and Shaina Arensmeyer, are required to host a community event. The group's mentor, Cheryl Morales, ANC National Science Foundation Tribal Colleges and Universities Program (NSF TCUP) Coordinator, assisted the group of young leaders in organizing the spectacular event. The American Indian College Fund (AICF) is administrating all Embrey programs in tribal colleges, and Tanksi Clairmont, AICF's Tribal Colleges and Universities Programs Administrator, attended the event to record the first completed community project. Six tribal colleges were selected by the Embrey Foundation. Ms. Clairmont presented a beautiful Pendleton Limited Edition Blanket to President Carole Falcon-Chandler celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the American Indian College Fund.

The event was to raise awareness about several different social issues that impact family members in our community: addictions, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, prostate cancer, ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis, Breast Cancer, Alzheimer's, Lupus, Pancreatic Cancer, Anti-Bullying, Ovarian Cancer, Drug Free, Heart Health, and Autism.

Eighty-two runners and walkers were blasted with colored cornstarch at the beginning of the run, and there were three stations set up along route to blast participants with four more colors.

All participants were winners. Door prizes were raffled off after the community event, while everyone feasted on sandwiches and a variety of fruit.

Donations were provided by Albertsons, KGVA, Hair It Is, EZ Mart, Kwik Stop, Route 21, Athletes Foot, Chinook Public Health, and Family Planning Futures without Violence, TCUP, Master Sports, Aaniiih Nakoda College, Harlem Lumber, Carmen Taylor and Island Mountain.

Cheryl Morales stated, "I am very proud of these young ladies. They are leaders in our communities who demonstrate true leadership characteristics for all young people. They worked very hard on this project, making sure everything was right, down to the last detail. By bringing awareness to the community and ensuring that everyone had fun, it made it that much more meaningful to all. It was a pleasure and an honor mentoring these young ladies who are focused and goal oriented."

The Embrey students have all graduated this year but are required to duplicate this event next year. "So if you missed out this year, plan on attending next year!" Cheryl Morales added.

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