Aaniiih Nakoda College Newsletter
Winter 2017
December 2017
Article by Michele Brockie

Aaniiih Nakoda College Achieving the Dream, Project Success: Student Emergency Aid is a project to assist current ANC students with financial hardships up to $500 per semester. The goal is to retain each student in college.

Qualifying requirements:
  • must be currently enrolled at ANC; either full-time or at least half-time (6 credits).
  • must have a declared major.
  • must be attending regularly and passing all their classes.
  • emergency must be legitimate with an estimate/bill from the vendor that lists the vendor contact information.
Legitimate emergencies may be eligible for emergency aid up to $500 per semester providing the student meets the requirements to apply.

Eligible Emergencies: Child Care, Food/Meals, Housing/Rent, Medical/Dental Expenses, Personal Vehicle Expenses, Public Transportation/Bus Pass, Utilities (must be making regular payments), Other (at the discretion of the Emergency Aid Team)

Stop in to see if we can assist you!

ANC Student Emergency Aid Team - 406-353-2607

Michele Brockie, x 222 - White Clay People Hall
Melinda Hammett x 227 - White Clay People Hall
Danielle Jackson x 240 - Nakoda Hall
Tanya Cochran x 317 - Nakoda Hall

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