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Aaniiih and Nakoda Language Resources:


     Gros Ventre Student Dictionary (Adobe Acrobat format)

     Gros Ventre Student Grammar (Adobe Acrobat format)

     Gros Ventre Places Names Guide (Adobe Acrobat format)

     The Natural World of the Gros Ventre (Microsoft Word format)

     Gros Ventre Oral Literature (Microsoft Word format)

An English - Aa?ni Dictionary compiled by John B. Sifton, S.J.


     Searchable Assiniboine Dictionary (AISRI Dictionary Database Search)

Language keyboards to install on your computer:

Aaniiih Language Keyboard
Click HERE
Download instructions:
     Scroll down to "Western Algonquian"
     Choose "Mac Download" OR "Windows Download" then SAVE.
     Follow installation prompts.

Printout of Aaniiih keyboard layout: Click HERE or
     Scroll down to     (White Clay, Gros Ventre, Atsina)
     Click on "keymap.pdf"

Nakoda Language Keyboard
Click HERE
Download instructions:
     Scroll down, past "Specific Languages"
     Find Nakoda (Ft. Belknap)
     Click Keymap(pdf) to download the Nakota keyboard layout
     Click Download for Windows to install keyboard on your computer