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Government Information at the Aaniiih Nakoda College Library

The Aaniiih Nakoda College Library is a Federal Depository Library. The library has stewardship over a limited collection of publications produced by the federal government and the library offers reference and research services to help people find, access, and use government information. The Aaniiih Nakoda College Library serves as both the academic library, to Aaniiih Nakoda College and the public library, to the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation and surrounding communities, therefore, this collection and these services are available to people from a wide range of age, culture and research need.
As a depository library, we are committed to equity of access and dedicated to the free and unrestricted public use of government information. The library is open to the public. Any current patron (local or through interlibrary loan) may check out non-reference government publications. The library offers internet access for patrons to access federal government websites. All library users, including users of depository information, must abide by library and computer use policies.

About the Collection

The Aaniiih Nakoda College Library became a federal depository library in 2006. The library has acquired and maintains documents produced by the government. These publications cover a broad array of subjects and serve many purposes.

Services for Aaniiih Nakoda College Library patrons:

help locating Federal government information in print at Aaniiih Nakoda College Library and other Depositories. Materials at other libraries may be requested through interlibrary loan (ILL).

help locating Federal government information online, through research databases, the Library catalog, and browsers.

instruction in access and use of government publications to individuals, groups, and classes.

For assistance outside of regular operating hours, contact the library at:
(406) 353-2607 ext 311

A librarian will assist with printing, copying ($.05/page b&w), sending discovered information by email, or downloading information to a flash drive.


The Library's hours of operation, including hours for the general public and holiday and other special hours, may be accessed from our website. Access to the government documents collection outside of our public hours may be arranged by contacting the Library.

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To access the Basic Collection of the U.S. Government Printing Office, Click here
These titles are vital sources of information that support the public's right to know about the workings and essential activities of the Federal Government. The list changes and documents are constantly being updated so check back often.