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Financial Aid Application
Cost of Attendance
Title IV Assistance
Financial Aid Distribution

ANC Student Financial Aid Contacts: 353-2607 Extension
Clarena Brockie, Dean of Students 238
Toma Campbell-Hoops, Financial Aid Officer 235
Tanya Buck, Financial Aid Assistant 235
Dixie Brockie, Registrar/Admissions 233
Danielle Jackson, Registrar/Admissions, Institutional Research Assistant 240

Gainful Employment Disclosure (based on 12-13 credits per semester)

Carpentry   |   Health Science   |   Tribal Management   |   Water Quality   |   Welding   |  

Net Price Calculator

Financial Aid Application Procedures

For Eligibility, Deadlines, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), go to the following website:

Current scholarships, internships and other student opportunities available:

The following links are posted here so that you, the student, have the additional opportunities made available to you. Remember, NEVER pay to submit a scholarship application. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you have any questions, please ask a member of the student services team. ANC neither endorses, nor does not endorse, any of these organizations, we are simply providing links for you to expand your opportunities. It is entirely up to you, the student, to research and further inquire with the sites/donors on the status of the scholarships, or any other questions that you may have regarding them. If you are chosen for a scholarship (s) you MUST delcare the entire amount with the Financial Aid Director and provide a copy of any documentation that you receive regarding the funding. We will periodically add new scholarship links, so check back with us. Good luck!

Fort Belknap Community Council College Student Scholarship Application

American Indian College Fund Ambassador Program - Application due May 6, 2016

Montana Conservation Corps - Fort Belknap Internship

All Pro Plumbing, Heating & Air: Scholarships

Medical Assisting Scholarship Award

$2,500 scholarship from GoodCall

Montana Space Grant Consortium - LAUNCH Program
For STEM majors

2015 Inter-Tribal Council of AT&T Employees Scholarship Program

Excel University Scholarship
Deadline: June 30,2016
Website: http://www.excel-university.com/scholarship
Contact Email: scholarship@excel-university.com
Amount: $500, and free Excel University online training
Renewable/one-time: Renewable
Population (UG, GR, HS Senior): UG or GR
  • Major or emphasis in accounting
  • Resume with Work Experience, Extracurricular Activities, and Honors or Awards
  • Letter of Recommendation from your accounting professor
  • Said professor's contact email address for verification of enrollment
  • Unofficial transcript of college classes (if scholarship is won, an official transcript will be required)
  • One-page essay: "Interesting Ways I've Used Microsoft Excel"

Poshified Scholarship
To help empower women through education

Montana Space Grant Consortium Scholarship

Intertribal Timber Council Scholarships

Title IV Assistance

To be eligible for Title IV assistance, an applicant must meet the following criteria:
1. Student must be accepted for enrollment at Aaniiih Nakoda College,
2. Be a regular student enrolled in a program of study leading to a degree,
3. Have a high school diploma or General Education Diploma (GED),
4. Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen (Canadian students must meet the requirements set forth under the Jay Treaty),
5. A student that is defaulted on a Title IV education loan will not be eligible for Title IV aid until he/she pays back the full loan in question,
6. A student must make arrangements with the Aaniiih Nakoda College business office to clear up any repayment on a pell grant before he/she is eligible to receive any type of Title IV aid. Please note this does include any other institution he/she has attended prior to enrollment at Aaniiih Nakoda College,
7. Student must have a completed financial aid file and submit other documentation as requested by the financial aid staff,
8. Student must sign a declaration of major form in order to be eligible for financial aid.
9. Be registered with U.S. Selective Service if required if you reached your 18th birthday or under the age of 25,
10. Be determined eligible based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
New series of handbooks co-depveloped by the American Indian College fund and the National Endowment for Financial Education
Developing Your Vision While Attending College

Cost of Attendance
Credit Tuition Registration Fee Internet Fee Building Fee Computer Fee Student Activity Transcript Total Cost of Attendance
1 70.00 60.00 30.00 25.00 25.00 30.00 15.00 255.00
2 140.00 60.00 30.00 25.00 25.00 30.00 15.00 325.0
3 210.00 60.00 30.00 25.00 25.00 30.00 15.00 395.00
4 280.00 60.00 30.00 25.00 25.00 30.00 15.00 465.00
5 350.00 60.00 30.00 25.00 25.00 30.00 15.00 535.00
6 420.00 60.00 30.00 50.00 50.00 30.00 15.00 655.00
7 490.00 60.00 30.00 50.00 50.00 30.00 15.00 725.00
8 560.00 60.00 30.00 50.00 50.00 30.00 15.00 795.00
9 630.00 60.00 30.00 75.00 75.00 30.00 15.00 915.00
10 700.00 60.00 30.00 75.00 75.00 30.00 15.00 985.00
11 770.00 60.00 30.00 75.00 75.00 30.00 15.00 1055.00
12-13 840.00 60.00 30.00 100.00 100.00 30.00 15.00 1175.00
14-15 870.00 60.00 30.00 100.00 100.00 30.00 15.00 1205.00
16-17 900.00 60.00 30.00 100.00 100.00 30.00 15.00 1235.00
18 930.00 60.00 30.00 100.00 100.00 30.00 15.00 1265.00
19 1330.00 60.00 30.00 100.00 100.00 30.00 15.00 1665.00
A student is considered to be full time if enrolled in 12-18 credits. A
student seeking to register for 19 + credits must receive written authorization
from the Dean of Student Affairs and Dean of Academic Affairs. A student
will be allowed to exceed the 18 credit limit under special circumstances,
and if the Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of Academic Affairs and the Registrar/Admissions
Officer are all in agreement. The student will be assessed the appropriate
tuition and fees; the 19th credit will cost extra (19 X 70.00 + fees = $1665.00).
Each credit after that will be assessed the $70.00 per credit. NOTE: A pell
grant, waivers and scholarships only apply to 12-18 credit load; the student
is responsible all tuition and fees that exceed this credit load.

Financial Aid Distribution

Federal Pell Grants -- Pell disbursement disbursed at the end of the 9th week of the semester.
Federal FSEOG - Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants disbursed at the end of the 9th week of the semester.
Scholarships -- Disbursed after selections have been posted.

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