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The Natural Resource Program at Fort Belknap College is committed to the training and education of our Native American students: especially those of the Assiniboine and Gros Ventre Tribes. It is a unique combination of theory and practical experience. Classroom learning is relevant to those Natural Resources found on the reservation here at Fort Belknap. A great emphasis is placed on problem solving of current environmental issues as well as developing plans for the future use of resources to ensure their sustainability.

As you read further into the Natural Resource program, all the projects and integrated activities would be meaningless unless conducted from the spirit of the heart with the realization that we as Native American students are responsible for restoring and maintaining our "place" here on Mother Earth. We have joined hands, heart and minds with the local Tribal Colleges and others in this endeavor; may we all help to develop a new paradigm to ensure the circle of life is never broken.

"The earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it. You might as well expect the rivers to run backwards as that any man who was born a free man should be contented when penned up and denied liberty to go where he pleases."

By Joseph [Hinmation Yalatkit] (1830-1904) Nez Perce’ Chief

Fort Belknap College has grant programs that provide funding to support its science programs. These grant programs have a combined annual budget of just under $400,000. Money from these programs is used to fund 4.15 faculty/staff positions, equipment and library purchases, scholarships, student employment opportunities, guest speakers, and student/faculty travel. Although these five programs have different areas of focus, all of them seek to (1) improve the quality of classroom and laboratory instruction, (2) provide students with non-classroom opportunities that will enhance their learning, and/or (3) provide locally relevant, "real world" science experiences through research/internship opportunities.

As of Fall 1997, FBC’s two science programs ( Natural Resources and Pre-Professional Science) had 39 declared majors, or nearly one-third of the full-time student population. With 28 majors, Natural Resources is the largest degree program at the college. Last spring, 10 of 23 (43%) degrees awarded at FBC were in science degree programs. This year, 11 students are scheduled to graduate with science degrees.

Sources of funding for Natural Resources Program: AMP | USDA Equity in Education

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