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For further information, contact:
Harold Heppner
(406) 353-2607, ext. 211
E-mail: hheppner@mail.fbcc.edu


In 1996, Aaniiih Nakoda College, with funds from Land Grant Institutions, established a Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global Information System (GIS) Program. Since 1996 the college has purchased the field equipment and workstation. Courses are currently being developed. Natural Resource students are being trained in the use and operations of the GPS/GIS systems.

The College purchased the GPS field unit in Janaury 1996. Harold Heppner was named as the coordinator and attended training in Livermore, California during April 1996. Mr. Heppner then assisted BIA in training four college students who worked with Dan Spencer. Mr. Heppner trained these students in the use and operations of the GPS field unit.

In February 1997, the work station was purchased. Also purchased were a color scanner, digital camera and printer, and a video adapter with software.

The future for the GPS/GIS program at Aaniiih Nakoda College is to train people in the use and operations of the equipment and to provide services and expertise in the field and at the office.

ArcIMS Program - This program is designed to help students and surrounding communities on the many different projects that Aaniiih Nakoda College and Fort Belknap Indian Community Programs have done on Fort Belknap Reservation.

Equipment Inventory
Field Equipment
PRO XL Trimble - Asset Software Trimbel Pathfinder for Windows
Sharp Pentium 166 MHZ laptop computer Arcview 4.0
Casio Digital Camera  
Office Equipment
NEC Pentium-166 MHZ Computer Summagraphics Summacad D-Size Printer - Color
15" SVGA Monitor Summagraphics Summagrid IV
Read/Write 2X CDROM  
2.1 GB Hard Drive  
33.6 Modem  
Microtek Color Scanner  
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