Aaniiih n - Ah-Ah-Nee-Nin and Nakoda Nations
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Aaniiih Nakoda College is located in northeastern Montana on the Fort Belknap Reservation approximately 3 miles south of Harlem, Montana.
Campus Maps

Campus Map

with building and
room names

Aerial Map -College Campus
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(photo unavailable)
1. Demonstration Farm Greenhouse

(Sitting High)

3. GED Center

4. Nakoda Hall

5. White Clay People Hall
6. Carpentry Shop
(Photo Unavailable)

7.KGVA - Radio Station

8. Little River Learning Lodge
9. Maintenance Shop
(Photo Not Available)
Located Next to Sacred Heart Church

10.Water Quality Lab

11. NACTEP / Extension Office

12. Red Whip Recreation Center
Wiyukja Wicoti (Technology Center / Library)
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