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Carpentry Certificate - 34 credits

The carpentry program is designed to provide the graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary for the construction industry. Graduates will gain knowledge and skills from many areas of the construction industry through the program which will help them excel in the workforce.

Graduates will be able to:

Perform basic construction techniques and identify tools and products.

Prevent potential hazards and identify some hazardous materials, also perform routine maintenance on tools.

Identify parts of the wall and stairs, also performs techniques involved in framing a wall and stairs.

Identify parts of the floor and roof; also perform techniques involved in framing a floor and roof system.

Read basic blueprints be familiarized with codes, and frame with steel studs.

Hang sheetrock, texture, do trim work, hang siding, paint, along with many other basic functions for finish work.

Perform basic functions for tiling, laying laminate flooring, hang cabinets and many other basic functions for specialty work.

Performs site layout for construction identify concrete components and perform basic concrete pouring and functions.

Note: This program uses a cohort model so that students can only begin this degree during fall semester.

Plan of Study
1st Year Fall Semester
AIS 100 Intro to AIS 3
CAR 100 Intro to Carpentry 3
CAR 110 Floor and Roof Framing 3
CAR 120 Framing Walls and Stairs 4
GS 115 Freshman Seminar 1
M 105 Technical Mathematics 3
Total 17
1st Year Spring Semester
CAR 140 Finished Carpentry 4
CAR 160 Advanced Carpentry 3
CAR 170 Carpentry Practicum 4
SP 110 Public Speaking 3
WRIT 113 Technical Communications 3
Total 17
Total credits for degree: 34

NOTE: If placement test scores indicate refresher (remedial or developmental) classes are needed, the student's program will require more than two years to complete. It is imperative that students work closely with their advisors.


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