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Elementary Education - 63 credits

Students successfully completing the Elementary Education Associates of Arts program will have acquired the requisite skills for obtaining employment as a paraprofessional or continuing on to pursue a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. The first year's experience will include observation in local public schools and the transfer student will be prepared for a portion of the required teacher professional assessments at other higher education institutions. This program provides a strong elementary education foundation and addresses the need for more highly-qualified, American Indian teachers in the local school systems.

Graduates will be able to:

1)Interpret the foundations of education within its historical, philosophical, cultural, and social contexts and apply that knowledge to current research within the field of education.

2)Understand central concepts and foundational structures of mathematics, language arts, literature, science, American Indian studies, and history content areas.

3)Analyze the current and historical aspects of American Indian education systems, pedagogy, methodologies and data.

4)Evaluate the effects of his/her choices and actions on others and actively seeks out opportunities to grow professionally.

Note: If placement test scores indicate refresher (remedial or developmental) classes are needed, the student's program will require more than two years to complete. It is imperative that students work closely with their advisor to determine this.

Plan of Study
1st Year Fall Semester
AIS 150/155 Nakoda/A'ani nin I Lang 3
BIOL 151 General Biology/Lab 4
EDUC 100 Foundations of Education 3
GS 115 Freshman Seminar 1
WRIT 101 College Writing I 3
Total 14
1st Year Spring Semester
AIS 100 Introduction to AIS 3
LIT 110 Introduction to Literature 3
M 121 College Algebra 4
PSYX 100 General Psychology 3
WRIT 201 College Writing II 3
Total 16
2nd Year Fall Semester
AIS 215 American Indian Education 3
GEOL 110 Physical Geology 3
LIT 289 American Indian Literature 3
M 130 MET I 3
PSYX 230 Developmental Psychology 3
Total 15
2nd Year Spring Semester
CIS 250 Computers in Education 3
LIT 280 Children's Literature 3
M 131 MET II 3
POL 134 American Government 3
SP 110 Public Speaking 3
Total 15
EPYC 200 Educational Psychology 3
Total 3
Total Credits for Degree: 63 Credits

Recommended courses, in addition to program requirements, when planning to transfer to other University systems:

HLPE 235 Prin. Hlth/Subs/Abuse

LIT 289 Amer. Indian Literature

FA 160 Art History

AIS 140/141 A'ani nin/Nakoda Hist/Culture.


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